Rain water utilization

Drainage expert conception design and a suitable rain water  treatment for a given type of building or area. This conception asserts the principles of technical standards of water utilization – TNV 75 9011 – Rainfall water utilization. Solution conception of all objects or areas is individual and the best adjusted locally to the specific conditions.

The rain water utilization includes a wide range of technologies, which enables the usage of this water as a source of drinking water. In the long term the functional solution is an important presumption for a carefree function and a water sources usage of rain water.

254/2001 COLL.,§5, article (3)
At construction of buildings or their modification or modifications of their usage, the builders are compulsory according the character and a purpose of usage of these buildings is to ensure by water supply, removal, purification eventually by other neutralization of sewage from it in accordance with this law.

Territorial development policy of The Czech Republic, chapter 2.2, article (25)
It is necessary to create a condition for retaining, percolation and also for usage of rain water as a  water source for reversal and ecomonic exploitation  at built-up and devisabled areas and with the aim of floods moderation. Percolation or retaining and removal of surface water incurred by fallen atmospheric rainfall onto these buildings (further only ´rainfall water´) in accordance with building act. Building authority must not issue a building licence or adjudication about a supplemental building permission or an adjudication about the permission of building adjustments before their finishing, eventually a building acceptation neither an adjudication about the building  usage changes, without fulfilling of these conditions.

Rain water – collection and usage

System diagram of rain water usage – for  washing-machine, toilet in the object and also in garden watering.

Main elements:

  • tank
  • earth filter
  • level indicator
  • automatic control modul
  • pump devide
  • armatures
  • expendable places

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Water requirement division – as an example serviceable is 150 litres per person a day.

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