Specialized division WATERface of the company SANIproject Ltd. includes a wide range of methods and products for a high – quality water purification. Our aim is to design a complete solution of water purification, for industrial usage as well as for consumer sectors. Thanks by designed technologies it is possible to purify water not only from main water pipelines but also from outer boreholes.

We offer all sorts of equipments for water purufication with a suggestion of the concrete type of converter to solve the individual setting. Filtration units are operationally reliable, financially available with a low energy intensity.

Offered equipments can be divided into the following groups:


Provide a basic water purification from mechanic impurities (rust, sand, sediments etc.). They are placed in front of the home waterworks, on the main water line or in front of the converter.

UV lamps

They are the most effective way of microbe removal in the water. Thanks to UV radiation coliform bacteria and bacteria from animal feces are liquidated. Some bacteria are very resistant and UV radiation can kill them. UV lamps are installing in the households using water from municipal distributive system, namely because of the assurance of microbiological (bacterial) harmlessness of water.


Eliminates calcium. Your water will not induce sediments – white stains on domestic appliances, baths and wash-basins.  You will also avoid growing of scale in the pipes.

Equipment for iron and manganese removal

It is used at excessive amount of iron, which causes an impleasant after-taste, colouring and in the combination with bacteria also smells.

De-acidifying filters

Filters for pH increasing cause a decreasing of water acidity and by this avoid the corroding of metal parts of equipments and products and plastic, foil fading.
Equipment for nitrate and nitrite removal
For the right equipment choice and its setting it is necessary to know the value of nitrate and sulphate in the water.  These values are taken by analysis. The equipment availability is up to the amount of used water.  The filter is installed on the main water lead.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a technologically perfect sophisticated method of removal of adulterants from the water. This method of water purifying is possible to apply either at industrial plants or in households. The water puryfying  process  by reverse osmosis is a physical process, at which the purified liquid is driven by overpressure to a special membrane 0,0005 microns where all the undesirable things are caught up.  The result of reverse osmosis is a clear liquid behind the membrane and a waste solution for liquidation, which can be modified due to the concrete usage.

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