GRANT DEŠŤOVKA – Appeal no.6/2017: Dešťovka

The revolution grant program  is starting for a fight with a drought Dešťovka. There is 100mil CZK in the first period to divide.

Do you want to use rain water or clear grey water in your home? Do not you have enough water for toilet flushing or irrigation in drought period? Do you want to manage better with rain water and save? So the grant program MŽP and SFŽP ČR – Dešťovka is for you. The aim of this new grant program is to help to households to solve the situation with a lack of supply water in drought period and to save the drinking water costs.

Even 50% of the grant can be used for the garden tank for rain water by drought afflicted areas or a system for toilet flushing by already used water from  a washbasin or washing machine.

We will advise you how to do it. We ensure the projects oriented on rainwater and wastewater purification, rain water capturing for irrigation, accumulation of rain water for toilet flushing, and the usage of clear wastewater as a supply water.

The program is determined for owners and builders of family houses and block of flats, both real persons and legal bodies, who want to contribute to sustainable water utilization. Every year 12 billion litres of water is flushed in Prague. By the way the same amount of water is drunk in the whole Europe in five days.

From the grant program Dešťovka is possible to co-finance three types of projects:

The height of grant is from 20 to 60 thousand CZK depending up the purchased technology, where the variant part is counted to it, so a contribution 3500 CZK to each cubic meter of a tank. The minimal size of a tank must be 2m3. The grant refers to the equipment purchase, its setting, goundwork and also the electricity settings.

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